Alison the Investor

I have over 20 years professional experience of investing in residential property. I have built a property portfolio with my partner and been operationally involved with every aspect from initial property purchases, maintenance and ongoing management.

My experience includes dealing with complex project management, routine maintenance and repairs, large-scale refurbishment, rent arrears and with the resulting damage from a house fire. I manage the day-to-day costs of both buy to let property expenses and the private expenses of my own principal property of residence.

It can be difficult to obtain consistent advice and pricing quotations for repairs and maintenance to properties and one requires an acute professional eye in order to get the correct solution for the right amount of money. I am able to navigate these difficult waters and ensure correct costs are met for the right solution and repair and maintenance. This skill has been honed by my knowledge and experience as a long-standing landlord.

My experience includes assessing properties as being fit for professional letting and interviewing potential letting agents for their role as managing agents to the properties. I am skilled at assessing a property market and knowing what price to purchase a property and selecting a property that tenants will want to rent. I understand the costing and financial appraisals of mortgages legal fees.  I have a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience of virtually all aspects of property investment and lettings management.

Property will always be a long-term investment and a good deal of prior knowledge and expertise is invaluable for this journey. Let me guide you forwards to a successful future with your property ventures, whatever form they might take.

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