Alison the Homeowner

I have learnt from buying properties, doing them up and selling them. I know what is worth doing to a property that will really add value to a sale price, and what is just not worth doing.  For example, I know what it costs to install a new bathroom or how to freshen up a bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a new one – and still add value to the home you are selling.  I provide guidance on how best to decorate and what changes will add value based on the budget available.

I know how to check out whether selling with planning permission in place will see you get more money when you sell, or whether in fact this points out to a potential buyer the problems with your property. The focus of my guidance is to provide maximum return on investment for my clients.

Maintenance is part of owning property and through my own experience I know what the costs should be.  Certain maintenance issues are worth doing prior to putting your home up for sale.  I can guide you on what needs doing and recommend  contractors if required.  From roofs to walls, chimneys, electrics, heating, plumbing, windows, flooring, I know what the costs are and how to source what you need.

Presentation is key and buyers need to be able to see how they could live in your home.   How we live in a home is very different to how the home looks when on the market!  I share with you the easy and reasonable ways of giving your home the show-home look.

I am a professional investor and property expert with decades of house maintenance knowledge and experience that you can benefit from when getting your home ready for selling.

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