Alison Persson


Hi, I am Alison Persson.  I provide advice and practical guidance to landlords on how to make the most of their property investments and help homeowners prepare their home for a profitable sale.

Announcing New Workshop

“How to Successfully Buy Property at Auction” 
The Workshop is being held on the 22nd June, 2019 at the Georgian House Hotel, Pimlico, London (close to Victoria Station).  Alison Persson and Julie Pilkington will be running the workshop. Alison is a highly experienced property investor and mentor. Julie is a property developer and investor with extensive experience of buying at auction.  Early Bird Ticket, available till 22nd May, 2019.  Buy Your Ticket


My Property Story

I often get asked how I got into property.  Well property has always been part of my life. When I was about five or six years old, I remember walking hand-in-hand with my Dad down the streets near where we lived. He would point out issues he could see with the local houses and discuss windows, walls, roofs and all that he saw from his perspective as a building structural surveyor. I would listen to my Dad as we slowly appraised the buildings we walked past.  Dad used to say to me ‘Alison what can you see is wrong with that roof?’  Or he would point out some windows on a new property and I would soon learn the difference between good and bad workmanship and design. From a young age I learnt the importance of buying the worse property in a good location and how to view a property when looking to buy.  Whilst growing up I naturally learnt about property maintenance as I often would sit and watch Dad doing maintenance jobs around the home. Looking back, I can see how my Dad’s unique insights and education on property filtered through into my own psyche, to become part of Alison and which is now infused into my own property knowledge.

I now have my own property portfolio and I have applied many of the skills and guidance that my Dad gave me as a child. No house or property is going to be a hundred percent perfect, but if you know what you looking for you can begin to see what you are really dealing with. Having now acquired several decades of experience in purchasing property and building up a successful property portfolio I am confident that I can offer my own skills in providing unique and valuable help to others wishing to either invest or develop their property future.

I have built a successful and growing residential property portfolio with my partner. As an investor I know what needs to be done to source the right type of residential property, how to negotiate the right purchase price and how to present a property to a specific target rental market. I know what it is like to have to deal with rent issues and I have successfully resolved tenancy deposit claims. Years of looking after properties means I have a wealth of maintenance knowledge and know what works should cost. I have practical experience of major refurbishment of properties and know exactly how to add value to a property.

Clients benefit from the extensive knowledge I have acquired whilst investing in the UK residential property market and also gained through my practical experience as a property investor, landlord and homeowner.

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