Alison Persson

Hi, I am Alison Persson.  I help landlords and homeowners maximise the investment potential in their property investment. I have a business approach with a strong focus on how best to obtain a good return on investment from a single home to a complex property portfolio.

Landlord clients may be new or established property investors. Clients may be seeking knowledge on how to invest in the UK residential property market or require guidance with strategic planning of their established property portfolio. Through mentoring sessions, I help clients explore the areas that need to be worked on with their property investment so they can develop a profitable and sustainable property portfolio.

Homeowner clients are usually looking to add value to their home before selling. I provide guidance on how best to decorate and what changes will add value based on the budget available. Planning options may be explored from selling with agreed planning application in place to developing the property. The focus of my guidance is what will provide the greatest return on investment for my clients.

My clients benefit from the extensive knowledge I have acquired whilst investing in the UK residential property market and also gained through my practical experience as an investor and landlord.

I have built a successful and growing residential property portfolio with my partner. As an investor I know what needs to be done to source the right type of residential property, how to negotiate the right purchase price and how to present a property to a specific target rental market. I know what it is like to have to deal with rent issues and I have successfully resolved tenancy deposit claims. Years of looking after properties means I have a wealth of maintenance knowledge and know what works should cost. I have practical experience of major refurbishment of properties and know exactly how to add value to a property.

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